Secret Sound

WIN £1000 CASH!

Here at 2BR, we are giving you the chance to win £1000 cash! All you have to do is guess what our Secret Sound is, it couldn't be easier! We play three times a day, Monday to Friday and we only take one guess each time we play.

We play at 8:2012:20 and 5:20 and the number you need to call is 03333 444 393. However, listen out for when lines open as we won't accept calls before hand. Could you be walking away with £1000?

We will be updating this page daily with the latest incorrect guesses, videos and more so be sure to add this page to your favourites. From this page you can listen to the sound again, see a list of incorrect guesses and be the first to see other exclusive Secret Sound content such as videos, clues and more.

The Secret Sound on 2BR, with Budget Exhausts & Tyres, Burnley.
Guess the sound, to win the cash! It couldn't be easier.

Incorrect Guesses

Here are all the latest incorrect guesses for the Secret Sound. Check to see if your guess is here before calling through to try and win the £1000 prize! Want to see a full list of incorrect guesses? If so then you can view a full list by clicking here to download the Secret Sound guesses list.

It's not...

  • A Slinky
  • Metal tape measure retracting
  • Retractable washing line
  • Coins dropping like on Tipping Point
  • Velcro Trainers
  • Flicking metal ruler off table
  • Train on track
  • Water coming out shower at the end
  • Metal chain (fly shield) over a door
  • Pinball spring


    • Spring Doorstop
    • Recycling bin being emptied
    • Key turning in an ignition
    • Metal serving set clanking together
    • Childrens till
    • Beer barrall to the tap
    • Space Hopper
    • Old fashioned telephone
    • Cat collar
    • Tinfoil
    • Poker Chips


  • Old fsashioned ash tray
  • Gum ball machine
  • Metal blinds
  • Coins going into a parking machine
  • Yo Yo
  • Tubular bike pump spring being turned
  • Lever arch file being released
  • Metal walking stick being extended
  • Salt Grinder
  • Tamborine


  • Rowing Machine Mechanic
  • Metal Chest Expander
  • Wratchet spanner
  • Counter ticket machine
  • Farmers spring gate
  • Bicycle bell that's lost it's pea!
  • Trampoline
  • Ball bearing in a maze game
  • Beer bottle tops flippin in a bin


* This page is manually updated as guesses are made, so some incorrect guesses may not appear right away.

We know, terms & conditions aren't always great! But here are some of the important bits.

  • We select the first caller to come through once lines open, if you try to call before lines open  your call will not count but may still be charged.
  • You will be live on the air, so please think about what you say if your make it through to play.
  • Please don't give your answer until you are asked by the presenter.
  • If you make it through to play, we can only accept your first answer.
  • If your answer has already been said, we won't tell you until after we reveal if it is right or wrong.
  • You can only enter to play the 2BR Secret Sound once per day.
  • If your guess is incorrect, you will have to wait until the following weekday to play again.

For full terms and conditions please click here.

The Secret Sound