2BR What's On Guide

We are making some changes to improve our What's On Guide.
When these changes are being made our What's On Guide will be unavailable.

We will be posting regular updates letting you know exactly when these changes will be made and when the service will be unavailable.

As Lancashire's Local Station, we want to provide you with information on local events in the best way possible. As part of this, we are working on giving our What's On Guide a new look and style making it a more user friendly platform on both computers and mobile pdevices.

As well as changing the look and style of our What's On guide, we will also be changing the content we include in our What's On Guide. The main types of events that we will be focusing on are charity events, family events, community events and outdoor events.

All updates will be posted on this page as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you would like more information on this or would like to be the first to know when our What's On Guide changes have been completed, then email our digital team by clicking HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please see if it has been answered below before contacting us.

Q: I've alreaedy put an event on the What's On Guide, will it be deleted?
A: Your event will remain on the site, however when we are making changes the page will be temporarily unavailable. Once changes have been made, you may need to resubmit your event.

Q: I can't see an event that was submitted, where has it gone?
A: All events submitted are moderated by our digital. Your event will appear once it has been accepted. If your event is not accepted, it either doesn't meet the requirements or was submitted whilst we have been updating our site.

Q: What types of events can go on the What's On Guide?
A: We will be releasing information on what events can be submitted once our new page has gone live.

Q: My event has been removed from the What's On guide, why is this?
A: Once the date of an event is passed, it is automatically removed from the site.

Please note that when we start making changes to the site, we won't accept events during that period and events already on the page may be unavailable.

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