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2BR: Tatum & Mike In The Morning

2BR: Tatum & Mike In The Morning

Tatum & Mike in the morning on Lancashire's 2BR. Real. Fun. Lancashire

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The Tatum & Mike Podcast: 8th December 2017

Clips from 2BR's Tatum & Mike in the morning episodes 46-50. 1. The Lancashire Day song: Wheatley Lane, Fence 2. Tatum's Tots: Nina 3. Megarry 4. Tatum's topless Tinder 5. Friendzoned 6. Jane and the Christmas Illuminations 7. Somewhere over the really ruddy long rainbow 8. Christmas Do Crashers 9. Toona or Tuna 10. Chandelier lover 11. Wrapping a hoover

Christmas Do Crashers Tatum And Mike

Message us below if you'd like us to crash your Christmas Do on the 15th December 2017 #ChristmasDoCrashers

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