Swim Safe month

Throughout May 2BR is launching its Swim Safe campaign, with Burnley Leisure.

We’ve teamed up with Rebecca Ramsay who launched the ‘Doing it for Dylan’ campaign in 2011.

Rebecca’s 13 year old son Dylan drowned after getting into difficulties swimming in a quarry. Since then she’s worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the dangers of swimming in open water.

Accidental drowning causes more than 400 deaths a year – it is the third highest cause of death in children in the UK. Throughout this month we’ll hear from different people involved with the campaign and see the devastating impact open water swimming has had on families in Lancashire.

Swim Safe Month

We want you to stay safe around water, so we've put together some videos to raise awareness on the dangers of swimming in open water.


Swim Safe

1. Look out for lifeguards

If you're looking for a place to cool off, always find a lifeguarded swimming site.

2. It's colder than it looks
Water at open and inland sites is often much colder than it looks, cold water can affect your ability to swim and self-rescue.

3. Don't go
Children and teenagers are not to swim anywhere other than purpose-built and supervised swimming pools, unless they are members of an organised swimming group.

4. It's stronger than it looks
Currents in the water can be very strong. If you find yourself caught in a riptide, don't swim against it - you'll tire yourself out. Swim with the current and call for help.

5.Bring a friend
Always bring a friend when you go swimming so if anything goes wrong, you've got someone there to help.

6. Paddling Pools

Empty paddling pools and buckets once you have finished using them. Always turn paddling pools upside down once empty.

7. Supervision
Always supervise bath time.

8. Safety Signs
Check bathing sites for hazards, check the safest places to swim and always read the signs. Find out what local warning signs and flags mean.

9. Time to Check
Take time to check the depth, water flow and layout of pools.

10. SAFE Code
Ensure you and your family know the SAFE code:

ADVICE: Follow safety signs and advice.
Stay close to friends or family members.
SPOT: Spot the dangers, look out for warning signs.
EMERGENCY: Shout for help and know the local emergency number.

2BR's Swim Safe Month with Burnley Leisure

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