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Something Worth Fighting For

2BR's journalist, Chris Craddock is fundraising for Pendleside Hospice in memory of Shahbaz Saleem.

We asked you for your ideas about what Chris could do and you've set him the challenge of taking part in a wrestling match!

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You meet a lot of people when you're a journalist at 2BR - but I've never met someone like Shahbaz Saleem.

He'd come back home from serving 10 years with the RAF when this dad of two young girls was told he had terminal bowel cancer. He was just 27 - that's exactly how old I am.

When I went out to speak to him at Pendleside Hospice, I thought Shabz would be angry, frustrated and furious that this was hand he was dealt.

But he didn't want to talk about that - he just wanted to focus on the amazing care he was getting from the charity and its staff.

That just sums up the man. And I'll never fully understand how he stayed so strong in despite of everything but I do understand what he meant about the hospice. The care and love they showed him and his family would be unbelievable if they didn't already do it for so many in our area.

So I'm taking this wrestling match to raise money and awareness for the hospice in Shabz's name. He fought for his friends, family and Pendleside until the end so I know it's something worth fighting for.