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Sasha is a 4 year old german shepered who sadly escaped the garden early hours of Saturday 19th July please do not shout or scream if you see Sasha. All I ask is for you to contact the number provided.. Sasha is microchipped but has no collar as she doesnt keep them on.

Contact: Demi Watts
Telephone: 07944288291
Email: Demiwatts95@gmail.com


White and ginger male cat missing. Around 8 months old. Missing from Cromwell Street Burnley, near Asda area. Been missing around 2 days now. Has a black and yellow collar on but could have come off. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please share.

Contact: Ash
Telephone: 07875544313
Email: ash10ali@gmail.com

Rosie the Beagle

Rosie went missing on 16th December around midday from Alkincoats Park in Colne. We had sightings of her down colne bypass heading towards Primet school/ASDA. Also been sightings of her in the Red Lane area above the park. CASH REWARD for anyone that locates her. We need any help we can get as we are currently in our first week of a months holiday in Thailand. Rosie was staying with our friends when she went missing so we are currently helpless and need all and any help we can get.

Contact: Chloe Elliott
Telephone: +44 07525431016
Email: chloe-elliott@hotmail.co.uk


Ran off at 230pm Sunday 28th October in Witton park. No collar but microchipped

Contact: Linda heatley
Telephone: 07878537890
Email: lindagheat@icloud.com

Lost cat

Micha is a timid indoor cat who went through an open window during the night. She is a small ginerish tabby wearing a sparkly purple collar with a bell.
Brunshaw Area of Burnley.
Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Contact: Bev Barker
Telephone: 07950224706
Email: bevbarker59@sky.com

Missing dog

Small Yorkshire terrier, missing from padiham

Contact: Carmen
Telephone: 07464171748
Email: carmenquinn99@outlook.com


Our beloved black cat has gone missing, she's a house cat so not used to the outdoors, not seen her since last night (27/6/18). We live on Laithe Street in Burnley, next to Healey Wood, off Manchester Road. She is small for her age and plain black, friendly, with yellow eyes, we're worried sick and just want her home. Please let us know if you think you have seen her.

Contact: Holly Farren
Telephone: 07983588457
Email: holly.farren17@yahoo.com

Missing cat

Blue grey/white missing Maine Coon cat from Towneley park Woodgrove Road area of Burnley. He needs a special digestive care diet and will be unwell without it. He is eleven years old and is not used to being out.

Contact: Phil
Telephone: 07496340977
Email: philmccarren@btinternet.com

Missing Cat

On the 25th April, our cat went missing from Colne, Keighley Avenue area. Called Marlon. He is only 6 months, black and white with white sock on each leg. Please help if anyone by any chance recognise him. My 8-year-old son is truly devastated. If You know where he is could You please let us know. REWARD £100.

Contact: Justyna
Telephone: 07718332823
Email: karolina.hubert@mail.com

Missing cat

Missing cat lost from Thursby Park area of duke bar boo is a ginger female with white socks she has been neutered reward for safe return or useful information please help get her home she's loved so much and has never wandered before

Contact: Carli Ahmad
Telephone: 07341819380


Female adult yellow bellied terrapin went missing from Church st, Colne, around 9pm sunday 18/06/2017.
If you live in the area and have a spare moment could you please check your gardens/ponds.
If you find her or spot her anywhere please get in touch: 01282 863917 or 07595 652 702

Contact: Anita
Telephone: 01282 863917

Missing Cat

missing black cat called Tom since yesterday! my 7 year old child with Autism really distressed and upset! if u have seen him or spotted him please get in touch thankyou

Contact: Zaria Batool
Telephone: 07486388068