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Domestic Abuse

LISTEN AGAIN: How we saved Lancashire's refuges

Last Updated: 7:34am, 5th September 2016

2BR launched a campaign back in March after learning that the nine shelters for women and children faced losing ALL their county council funding. After 6 months and over 8,000 signatures later we've now learnt that the county council will provide funding through the Early Intervention and Prevention fund meaning these services will be able to continue.

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Reprieve for Lancashire refuges but what happens next?

Last Updated: 9:20am, 2nd September 2016

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson raised 2BR's refuge campaign in the house of commons back in April after it was revealed that the nine women's shelters in Lancashire were under threat of closure. The life saving services faced losing ALL their funding from Lancashire county council in the latest round of budget cuts.


The constant battle to fund domestic abuse services is

Last Updated: 6:15am, 1st September 2016

ancashire County Council had proposed to cut funding for the county's domestic abuse services, but on Friday announced a new pot of money will be made available to continue the financial backing. It means £1.25million will be divided up across Lancashire's districts to support refuges (£800,000) and other domestic abuse services.

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Funding for domestic violence services "a drop in the ocean"

Last Updated: 6:00am, 1st September 2016

Valerie Wise, company secretary at Preston Domestic Violence Services, says the facilities deserve to be put on a more solid financial footing. It comes after Lancashire County Council revealed they will use a new pot of money to continue funding domestic abuse services across the county, including the nine refuges.

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Lancashire's life-saving refuges secure funding

Last Updated: 6:00am, 31st August 2016

£1.25 million has been made available, £800,000 of which will be put towards the nine refuges across the county. The remaining £450,000 will be used to deliver other domestic abuse services. John has supported 2BR's campaign to save Lancashire's refuges, spurred on by his own experiences growing up with a turbulent family life.

jane clough john and penny

More help for victims of domestic abuse victims is needed

Last Updated: 4:00am, 31st August 2016

John and Penny Clough who backed 2BR's campaign to stop cuts to Lancashire's refuges say this is just the first step in the battle to secure their long term funding. 2BR learnt on Friday that Lancashire county council would provide money for the safe havens, they had faced the prospect of losing all their funding.


Shocking figures that show how refuges struggle to meet demand

Last Updated: 8:01pm, 30th August 2016

The parents of Jane Clough, who was murdered by her ex-partner say we need to continue supporting victims of domestic abuse. John and Penny Clough spoke to 2BR after Lancashire county council put forward a proposal to fund these life saving services - that's expected to be passed next week.

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'Why we had to keep funding refuges'

Last Updated: 4:57am, 30th August 2016

Lancashire County council's decision to provide funding for county's nine refuges is being welcomed with relief. Over the past 6 months 2BR's been campaigning against the cuts to the vital services that provide a safe haven for women and children fleeing domestic abuse. 

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LISTEN AGAIN: 2BR celebrate as Lancashire's refuges are saved

Last Updated: 11:22am, 28th August 2016

Since April, 2BR has been fighting to save the nine domestic abuse refuges in Lancashire. It's after it was announced they were set to lose funding - as Lancashire county council desperately tried to save £262m.

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Funding re-think on Lancashire's refuges

Last Updated: 7:08am, 29th August 2016

A petition launched by 2BR to save Lancashire's victims of domestic abuse from further harm has succeeded in its mission. Thanks to more than 8,000 signatures we have saved funding for nine of the county's refgues and we couldn't have done it without you!

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