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Chorley A&E campaigners take message to Trust

Last Updated: 12:00am, 26th October 2016

The Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust had their annual general meeting, and the campaigners were right outside to make sure their message wasn't forgotten. There were also members of the campaign in the tickets-only meeting, to make sure their voices would be heard.


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Chorley A&E campaigners march 15 miles for their A&E

Last Updated: 8:15am, 24th October 2016

Dozens took part in the 15-mile walk from Royal Preston to Chorley Hospital to show they're not going anywhere.  The campaign is now into 28th weekend after the emergency department shut it's doors back in April.

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Work still to be done for Chorley A&E campaigners

Last Updated: 2:26pm, 11th October 2016

80 protesters boarded coaches to London yesterday (10th Oct) with the intention of influencing MPs to support their campaign and to raise the profile of their struggle. They delivered a petition to Parliament signed by more than 23,000 people - all supporting the reopening.

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Chorley A&E COULD re-open part-time by January

Last Updated: 12:21pm, 4th October 2016

The independent review panel, jointly commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement, looked at the current arrangements at both Preston and Chorley hospitals, to ascertain whether the department at Chorley could reopen, within the current medical staffing available.

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Lancashire comes out in support of Chorley A&E

Last Updated: 11:55am, 17th September 2016

Campaigners fighting for the re-opening of the emergency department in Chorley called on the support of hundreds of others, whose hospitals were under pressure themselves. Organiser Andrew Birchall hoped the campaign would show how closing A&E's like Chorley would affect others across the county.

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NHS Improvement to commission investigation about Chorley A&E

Last Updated: 9:13am, 8th August 2016

NHS Improvement is expected to confirm later who will carry out the investigation, which hopes to address whether or not the decision to extend the closure of the emergency department until April 2017 has been made appropriately.

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BREAKING Chorley A&E WON'T reopen until after April 2017

Last Updated: 4:46pm, 3rd August 2016

The Urgent Care Centre at the hospital will remain in its place to provide treatment until April next year, when the situation will be reviewed again. It's a bitter blow for campaigners fighting to get the emergency service back for the town, after its closure in April. This Saturday will be their 17th week demonstrating at the hospital gates.

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Hospital Trust opens up about Chorley A&E

Last Updated: 3:59pm, 29th July 2016

The Trust released a statement admitting that although staffing levels had increased slightly, they still hadn't recruited enough doctors to safely re-open the service as hoped in August - so what happens now?

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BREAKING Chorley A&E WON'T reopen in August

Last Updated: 5:12pm, 28th July 2016

The latest update from the Trust cites a recruitment problem as the reason for the delay. The department was downgraded to an Urgent Care Centre on 18th April due to staffing issues which, 16 weeks down the line, haven't been resolved.

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Campaigner breaks pelvis outside Chorley Hospital but is taken to Preston

Last Updated: 3:27pm, 28th July 2016

An 82-year-old woman campaigning for the reinstatement of Chorley A&E has suffered the ultimate irony after a fall outside the hospital resulted in an ambulance ride to Royal Preston. She'd previously been recovering from major heart surgery.

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