Do you want to talk to Father Christmas?


On Monday the 24th of December, we are holding our annual 'Father Christmas Phone-In'.

Father Christmas will be in the studio between 10 and 12, talking to the children of Lancashire on Monday the 24th of December, ahead of his big Christmas Eve deliveries ready for Christmas Day.

To register for your children to get a phone call from Father Christmas,
simply complete the form below:

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Who wants to talk to Santa
This is the number we will call to contact you on Christmas Eve
What are they most excited about geting this year?
The School they attend
Is there anything else Santa should know? Siblings? Hobbies? Their favourite band/singer, lesson at school, football team?
As Santa is very busy and is only available for one hour, sadly we cannot guarantee everyone who registers will get a call from santa.


Please note: Father Christmas is very busy on Christmas Eve and unfortunately will not be able to speak to every Child who applies, however don't fear he will still be paying you a visit to drop off all your presents later on! Don't forget the milk, carrots and cookies!

Father Christmas Phone In

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