Professional audio for your business

13 hours on hold........

Unbelievable isn’t it? But that’s the average amount of time we spend on hold ever single year.

It’s inevitable that every so often you won’t be able to get to every call the second anyone rings your business. So, while they wait, you want your potential customers to get the information they need in the most efficient and friendly way possible.

That’s where we step in. At 2BR we’re experts in sound. With a whole host of voices at our fingertips and ability to licence music, we are the perfect place to create your bespoke on hold messages.

From simple “Please leave your details” to full scale “Press 5 for more information” messages – we work with you to create the least intrusive and most intuitive audio to keep you clients from hanging up in a rage.

Plus our audio expertise means we can tailor the audio precisely so it can be heard in the most difficult of situations – with broadcast clarity and crispness – instead of being shouted in to a speaker phone in the back room.

Starting from as little as £200+ Vat, speak to us today to create your bespoke corporate audio package.

Start on your journey to make your business sound amazing! 

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