Andy Hilbert at the Weekend                             

Your show in 3 words                                                      
Eventful, Local, Music                                                       

Tell Us something About You We Wouldn't Know?                             
My Great Uncle invented the Oxo Cube! ..FACT!                                 

Movie I Love                                                            

My most embarrassing moment?                                         
Admitting on the radio that I had a
‘I’ve been to Padiham Power Station’ sticker from when I was a kid!                                             

The best gigs I've ever been to?                                          
Fleetwood Mac in Manchester – it was awesome!

My favorite quote?                                                     
That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me in to!

My favorite place to go on holiday?                                         
Love a good old traditional British Seaside Holiday…
somewhere a bit further than Blackpool though!                                

My hobbies?
Music and DIY…well learning how to do DIY from my Father-In-Law                               


Weekends 8am-12am


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