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Why use radio for recruitment?

High reach of your audience:

69% of UK adults 18-60 in employment listen to Commercial Radio for an average of 12.4 hours each week.

Cost-efficient advertising:

Over 300 UK radio stations provide recruitment advertisers with more choice and defined targeting resulting in less wastage. You can even reach potential candidates directly in your competitors workplace!


Radio can be consumed alongside other media and other day-to-day activities. You can't read a newspaper or watch TV whilst you are driving a car, but radio is the soundtrack to people's lives meaning you can communicate with potential applicants when they are most receptive to your recruitment message. 5 million adults listen to radio whilst they are at work - a key time to reach job-seekers with your recruitment message.

Radio is a trusted source of information:

Listeners use radio for emotional reasons and it becomes a friend and companion. Stations interact personally with each listener, encourage debate and are thought provoking. Radio also plays music people want to hear and involves them across a variety of platforms including on air, online and at station events.

Morale booster:

Radio promotes the company's image as an employer - this helps not only in terms of recruitment, but as a retention aid for current staff. Hearing their company on the radio builds a sense of pride.


Radio offers a greater degree of creativity; including the use of innovative concepts, creative sound effects, voice-casting and scripting.


The bottom-line in recruitment is always tangible response on your investment. As a recruiter you want to see how any quality applicants your campaign has driven in order to measure its effectiveness.

Low ad avoidance:

It's possible to read a whole magazine without actually reading an ad, or read your local newspaper and, if you're not looking for a job, you're unlikely to read the classified section. Radio is a low ad avoidance medium, meaning more potential applicants will hear a compelling recruitment message, helping you to reach passive jobseekers.

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